Detailed listings get 5X more attention...

What are free listings?
As the name implies, free listings cost nothing, all that is required is a betaflip account, you can list any amount of websites for sale.

What are verified listings?
Verified listings require you pay a certain amount of money before your listing goes live, starting from NGN2500. We verify your listing, to make sure none of your claims are false, this process is usually very fast. If what you stated is found to be false, your listing would be rejected.

Why verified listings?
1. Verified listings sell faster.
2. Verified listings are always on the front page.

"How to sell your website faster on BetaFlip"

"Falsification of information gets your account deleted......CLICK HERE to see site rules"

"Detailed listings get 5X more attention......"

"Set realistic prices, 'A websites worth is usually what someone is willing to pay for it'......"