Site rules

NOTE: Failure to follow these rules may lead to an automatic suspension of your BetaFlip account

1. You may not upload a listing more than once, except it fails to sell after a certain period of time.

2. Falsification of information on a listing leads to an instant suspension.

3. The comment section should not be used for self-promotion of any kind.

4. You should not pay directly to a seller.

5. Sellers and buyers are encouraged to use their real names, as it builds trust.

6. We do not allow the sale of adult(porn) websites.

7. A maximum of 13 flags on a listing,gets the listing deleted and the user account banned

8. You may only have one betaflip account.

9. By uploading a listing, you grant us a permanent,irrevocable and unrestricted license to store and display the details of your listing.

10. Abuse of the flag function is highly prohibited, you should only flag a listing were the traffic and earnings claim of the seller is false.

11. We collect 10% of the fee from every successful sale on betaflip.

12. Inquiries made on a listing should be with the intention to buy.

13. The seller is obligated to provide proof of earnings to potential buyers.