How to buy a website

Betaflip uses the voguepay payment processor to accept payments from buyers and sellers, payment should not be made directly to the seller, BetaFlip acts as a middle man between buyers and sellers, we hold the payment money until the transfer of the website is completely made to the buyer, then the money is released to the seller on confirmation of transfer from the buyer.

NOTE: We have a 100% refund policy if for any reason the transfer of the website is not successful

A potential buyer can make contact with the seller via phone number or by sending a direct message, if a price is agreed by both parties, payment should be made by the buyer to betaflip via voguepay payment processor. (in cases were payment cannot be made via the online processor, contact us at "" ). After payment, the buyer should send an email to us @betaflipng@gmail,stating the name of the website paid for and the amount paid. On confirmation of payment, We contact the seller to begin transfer of the website to the buyer. After the transfer of the website is complete, We release the money to the seller. For assistance with payments (contact - 08088222754 -).

NOTE: Betaflip keeps 10% of the money from a sale.

Uploading a listing more than once can get your betaflip account suspended...CLICK HERE to see site rules