How to buy a website from betaflip?

You buy a website by making payment to betaflip via voguepay's payment processor only after a price has been agreed with the seller.

Do you accept offline payments?

We do not currently accept offline payments

How do i get my money from betaflip after the buyer has paid?

After confirmation of website transfer to the buyer by both parties, we request for your bank account details and we transfer 90% of the sale money to you.

How many times can i list my website?

You can list your website just once, but you can list again, if and only if your website fails to sell after a period of time(usually 1 month +), listing more than once below that time frame,is likely to get your account suspended.

How do i transfer my website to the new owner?

Guidelines on how to transfer your website to the new owner can be found under resources in the front page, but if you need extra assistance, we will assist you for free.

Is the amount stated as the price on a listing a fixed price?

No,you can negotiate with the seller for a lower price.

What are starter websites?

A website that has not generated any income at all is a starter website

What are established websites?

Websites that have a history of income,wether stable or not are established websites.

Can i sell just domains?

No you cant.