Why you should buy a website

Just like the famous saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. It only stands to reason that one man’s abandoned and neglected website can be another person’s gold mine. It actually makes sense to buy an already made website than start one from scratch, some people prefer to skip the stage of developing the website and instead would immediately want to start writing content and promoting the website. Here are some reasons to buy websites rather than developing one from scratch.

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Build on some other person’s hard work

When you buy a website, you skip the process of coding and building the website, i.e you skip the phase of doing things that don’t actually put money in your pocket, you basically buy months of hard work and can immediately start working on other brilliant ideas.

No need for technical know-how

If you are not an expert in building and coding websites, buying one can save you months of headache in figuring out how to go about building your website…What platform to use? How it should look like? and other technical aspects.

Existing traffic

Some websites already have existing traffic, rather than trying to figure out how to generate traffic from scratch, you can start to work on how to monetize the already incoming traffic. The traffic might come from search engines or from social media, you inherit all these benefits when you buy an already established website.

Existing revenue

If you make a good purchase, you strike the gold mine by buying a website that already has a history of profit, all you have to do is to come up with ways to maximize the profits. Speaking from experience, growing a website from the initial phase of traffic to revenue is no easy feat, you either spend money or lots of time to kick start revenue, buying an established website can save you months if not years of hard work.

If you build a website from scratch, you are basically shooting in the dark, lots of time can be spent building a site, choosing it’s direction and moving on from there. There is also no guarantee that it would become profitable, but buying an established website built on solid foundation can mean you real rewards quicker than normal. Leave your thoughts below in the comment section, thank you for reading.

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