How to sell a start-up website

When trying to sell a starter website i.e websites usually less than 7 months old with no history of revenue, there are lots of variables to consider, variables that determine whether your website will not just sell,but sell at the best possible price.

Selling a starter site can be difficult, buyers usually look out for more established sites that guarantee a steady flow of revenue. Starter sites do hold an advantage over the more established ones, in the sense that they are usually cheaper than the latter.

The next three short sub-headings will guide you on how to easily sell a starter website.

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Sell at the lowest possible price

Let’s be honest, nobody is going to pay millions for a starter website, so it only makes sense that you place a price that will encourage offers. If the price is too high, it will definitely put off buyers.                                       Surprisingly, I have seen some starter site listings here on BetaFlip with ridiculous prices placed on them, do you know what happens to those listings?…..put shortly “They don’t sell, buyers are not even remotely interested in them”.

Provide detailed information

Before buying a site (whether starter or established), buyers always want to know more before they part with their cash. More detailed listings tend to get more attention from buyers, Such as a listing with some of the following information

i. A detailed description of what the website is about

ii. How  the buyer can move it forward

iii. What resources the buyer would need in maintaining the site.

iv. Possible new future opportunities

Offer incentives

A good incentive can be in the form of offering support to the buyer even after the website is sold. You have to do anything that will encourage the buyer to make an offer. Speaking from experience, when I sold my website Betacontent ( A content writing website), I offered to maintain the website for the buyer for 2 weeks after selling it to him.


1. Sell at the lowest possible price

2. Provide detailed information

3. Offer incentives

If you have any other website selling tips you would like to give, comment it below, thank you for your time


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