Why do people sell websites that make profit?

“Why would someone sell a profitable website?”, i asked myself this question when i started betaflip, the reasons may be countless, but here are some of the popular ones you may find

I don’t have time to manage it

Maintaining a website is hard work, the sheer amount of time that goes into keeping it up to date cannot be over-stated, therefore, it makes sense that someone who maybe just got a new job or  started doing something else that takes his/her time may decide it is time to let go, and rather than let it die off, may decide to cash in on it.

I need the money

Sometimes in life things happen, people might need money quickly to get them out of a tight spot, people don’t like to admit that they are in trouble, selling their priced possession might be the only thing that gets them out of that situation.

Am starting a new project

Starting up new projects require money, when someone gets the itch to start something new, it only makes sense to sell off the old one and concentrate fully on making the new one successful.

Its what i do

There are people who develop or buy websites, work on it, make it profitable, only to sell it eventually, its what they do. Some people just love building up websites and selling them .

I got tired

One of the things successful bloggers advice you to do when starting a blog is to pick a niche you are passionate about, this is so you don’t lose interest in it later. Not everybody follows this rule, and eventually after a while, even though the website is profitable, they sell it because they have lost interest in it.

If you have any other reason why you might be selling your website, let us know in the comments.

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