BetaFlip – website flipping in Nigeria

Website flipping  much like estate management entails buying, developing and selling at a higher price.

BetaFlip is the foremost marketplace for flipping websites in Nigeria, we connect sellers of blogs, forums, e-commerce websites e.t.c to legitimate buyers.

Betaflip is born out of the need of Nigerians to have their own marketplace for flipping websites. There are lots of marketplaces for flipping websites  (Flippa, Empireflippers e.t.c), but these foreign marketplaces are not favorable to Nigerians, they charge high listing fees and also the exchange rate of our various currencies makes listing fees very expensive.

Website flipping is one of the numerous ways to make money online, lots of foreigners have made thousands of dollars  buying and selling websites. Due to the challenges faced by Nigerians in selling or buying websites, this method of making money online has almost been completely put aside. Betaflip hopes to combat this by becoming the go to marketplace for flipping websites in Nigeria.


Our features

1. Easy sign up:
It is very easy to start flipping websites on betaflip, the sign up process is as easy as it gets.

2. Free and paid listings:
We offer both free and paid listings, you can sign up and list your website for free or you can go for the paid listings which brings your website listing to a much larger audience.

3. Private messages:
Potential buyers can contact sellers by sending them private messages on betaflip or by commenting on the listings page.

4. Online payment:
We accept payments from buyers and sellers via the voguepay secure payment processor, we do not yet accept offline payments.

5. Flagging listings:

You can flag bad listings, websites for sale with false claims of earnings or traffic can be flagged by clicking on the red flag, only registered users can flag listings.

Our services

1. Vetting websites:
We can help vet website listings for a potential buyer for a small fee, we perform due diligence on behalf of the buyer.

2. Middleman:
Another advantage of selling or buying a website on betaflip is that  we act almost as an escrow service, payment is made to us and not directly to the seller,we only pay the seller after the transfer of the website is made to the buyer, this means you can get your money back if the seller doesn’t deliver on his side.

3. Evaluation:
Most people don’t know how much their websites should sell for, we can evaluate how much you should sell your website for.

With a dedicated customer service, BetaFlip aims at becoming the most trusted marketplace for website flipping.

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