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100% Customer support
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100% Refund policy
If for any reason the buyer does not get what he/she paid for, We refund the money.
100% Transition
We will guide you step by step through the payment process and transfer of the website and even after that.
Vetting websites
We can help vet listings to verify traffic and earnings claim of sellers.
We can negotiate & finalise with the seller on your behalf.Click Here
We can help you evaluate how much your website is worth

Uploading a listing more than once can get your betaflip account suspended...CLICK HERE to see site rules

Help flag listings

Website listings with suspected false claim of earnings and profit should be flagged by users, this is to help buyers know bad listings and stay away from them, If a listing gets the maximum amount of flags(13), it will be taken down & the seller's account deleted.


Betaflip is Nigeria's online marketplace for website flipping, we connect sellers of blogs, forums, web buyers, Our goal is to become the most trusted marketplace for flipping websites in Nigeria.